Join our MIT Mystery Hunt team!

Are escape rooms too easy for you? Do you want tougher challenges? The annual MIT Mystery Hunt is coming up, and we’re looking for Singaporean puzzle-solvers to join our team. (It’s free, don’t worry.)

The hunt takes place over one weekend: from 1 am Singapore time on the night of Friday, January 15 (i.e. early on January 16) until around 7am on Monday morning.

If you have any time to spare that weekend, why not join us? We’ll probably do most of the solving online, but might meet up if there’s demand. Just get in touch over on the Singapore Puzzle Hunt FB group, and we’ll add you to the team.

For examples of how puzzle hunts work, check out the Singapore Puzzle Hunt — but be prepared for tougher puzzles.

For international visitors: Please note that this blog (and its recs!) are intended for a Singapore-based audience. I wouldn’t recommend Singapore as a destination for escape room tourism; it has few must-plays on an international scale. (None of my personal top 10 still-operating rooms are in Singapore.)

Please use the Contact form if you have specific questions about which rooms to try, how scary/difficult a particular room is, etc.

I’ve also noticed people searching for walkthroughs. I won’t give spoilers for rooms. However, if you failed to escape from a room, don’t want to try again, and the escape room company didn’t tell you the answers, drop me a line and we can chat about it.