Two-player rooms

Sometimes you can’t be bothered to round up a large group of friends for an escape room. Here are the ones which can comfortably be solved by two players (in rough descending order of suggested priority).

Can definitely be solved in a team of two
Omega Team (Virtual Room) — not technically an escape room, but similar and also fun
Chapter II (Virtual Room) — not technically an escape room, but similar and also fun
Are We Dead? (Virtual Room) — not technically an escape room, but similar and also fun
The Basement (Black Lake Facility)
The Research Lab (Black Lake Facility)
The Secret Assignment (Escape Hunt)
27 Club (Escape Hunt)
The Armoury (Black Lake Facility)
The Medical Centre (Black Lake Facility)
The Hitman (Captivate)
Gretel & Hansel: Witch Hunters (Captivate)
Murder on the Singapore Express (Captivate)
Bearry Potter and the Secret Doors (Lockdown)
Count Dracula (The Escape Artist)
Carnevil (Trapped)
The Invaders (Amazing Chambers)
The Curse (Amazing Chambers)
The Prestige (Captivate)
Sisters Island (Amazing Chambers)
Hide and Seek (Trapped)
The Mental Ward (Trapped)
Badang the Magnificent (Amazing Chambers)
1603: Changi Naval Battle (Amazing Chambers)
Escape from Pulau Tekong (Trapped)
The Purge (Trapped)
Sang Nila Utama and The Lost Crown (Amazing Chambers)
Mausoleum (LOST SG)

And for players who are more confident or experienced…

Possible (but not necessarily easy) with two players
Flashpoint (The Escape Artist)
Jigsaw (Trapped)
Cirque (Captivate)
Dr Frank: The Lion’s Den (The Escape Artist)
Escape Room: Trials of Tartarus (The Escape Artist)
The Whitechapel Murderer (Escape Hunt)
Princess Radin Mas Ayu (Amazing Chambers)

There are various other games which a two-player team could technically play, in the sense that there aren’t any hard logistical barriers… but they might not have a high chance of success. Feel free to contact me if you want to check whether a specific room is possible with two players.


    1. Hi! There are certainly some rooms that would be logistically possible to clear solo, but the main problem is that escape room companies generally don’t allow solo bookings. You could try calling them to check, or going as a walk-in and hoping that their rooms are free. All the best!


    1. Hi there! From what I recall:
      – Alcatraz is logistically impossible due to a three-way split start
      – Exodus has one point where two players might face logistical difficulties; you could try checking with LOST SG whether it’s possible for two players to finish the room
      – Castiglione and Aokigahara are theoretically possible (no logistical obstacles from what I recall), but it might be hard for two players to finish the room

      All the best! To be honest, it might be better to play rooms at other companies if you only have two people, as LOST SG’s rooms are designed for larger teams.


    1. Hi! There aren’t many true horror rooms left in Singapore. The best horror rooms are Annabelle, The Morgue, and Busan Express, but I don’t think Xcape allows two-person bookings.

      You can consider Dr Frank (The Escape Artist), The Whitechapel Murderer (Escape Hunt; not that scary), The Armoury or The Medical Centre (Black Lake Facility; creepy rather than scary), or Trapped’s rooms (creepy rather than scary).


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