Two-player rooms

Sometimes you can’t be bothered to round up a large group of friends for an escape room. Here are the ones which can comfortably be solved by two players (in rough descending order of suggested priority).

Can definitely be solved in a team of two
The Forgotten Temple (Lockdown)
The Secret Assignment (Escape Hunt)
27 Club (Escape Hunt)
The Forgotten Treasure (Breakout)
Mission X (Xcape)
Kellar’s Magic Emporium (Captivate)
Count Dracula (The Escape Artist)
Escape from Pulau Tekong (Trapped)
Magician’s Revenge (Breakout)
Alice in Wonderland (Freeing)
Poseidon (Freeing)
Twilight (Freeing)
Jurassic (Freeing)
World War 3 (Zombie Edition) (Trapped)
Trafficking (Lockdown)
Mausoleum (LOST SG)

And for players who are more confident or experienced…

Possible (but not necessarily easy) with two players
The Apartment (Encounter)
Top Secret (Lockdown)
Flashpoint (The Escape Artist)
Black Out (Captivate)
Zero Hour (Captivate)
The Whitechapel Murderer (Escape Hunt)
Break-in (Part 1) (Lockdown)
Spaceship: Galactic Survival (Freeing)
Funeral: The Mourning Widow (Freeing)

There are various other games which a two-player team could technically play, in the sense that there aren’t any hard logistical barriers… but they might not have a high chance of success. Feel free to contact me if you want to check whether a specific room is possible with two players.


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