Review index

(For an overview of all the escape room companies and outlets that have opened and/or closed in Singapore, check out this page.)


Amazing Chambers [overall review]
1603: Changi Naval Battle
Badang the Magnificent
Princess Radin Mas Ayu
Sang Nila Utama and The Lost Crown
Sisters Island
The Curse – Legend of Tanggang (formerly Si Tanggang, The Ungrateful)
The Invaders (formerly Leftenan Adnan: The Battle of Bukit Chandu)

Black Lake Facility [overall review]
The Armoury
The Basement
The Medical Centre
The Research Lab

Captivate Escape Rooms [overall review]
Labyrinth: Dead Men Walking
Murder on the Singapore Express
Alien vs Human
The Prestige
The Hitman
– Mythical Beasts
Gretel & Hansel: Witch Hunters [overall review]
VR Escape – Abandoned Mine (VR escape room)
Bearry Potter and the Secret Doors
Bearcraft: Dreamworld
Bears of Justice
VR Escape – Illusion (VR escape room)
Bearscape (play-at-home escape-room-in-a-box)
Virtual Agents (virtual escape game)

LOST SG [overall review]

Nomis Piy
– Missing (play-at-home escape-game-style puzzle book)
Quest for the Merlion Eye (play-at-your-own-pace outdoor puzzle kit)

The Escape Artist (Enchanted Manor) [overall review]
Dr Frank: The Lion’s Den
Escape Room: Trials of Tartarus

The Escape Artist (Sentosa Gateway) [overall review]
Count Dracula
Last Light
Outpost X

Trapped [overall review]
Escape from Pulau Tekong
The Purge
The Mental Ward
Hide and Seek
– Carnevil

Virtual Room Singapore
Omega Team: Chapter I *not technically an escape room
Chapter II *not technically an escape room
Are We Dead? *not technically an escape room

Xcape [overall review]
The Morgue
Shutter Island
Busan Express


Crime Scene by LOST in JB
The Tenants Upstairs (murder mystery RPG)
Internal War (tabletop game)
The Castle (tabletop game)

Murder Mystery SG
Castle Lumiere Nightfall (tabletop game)


BreakOut Games – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
The Scientist
Forever Young
Magician’s Secret
Trapped in My Own Mind [collab with Nomis Piy]
Magician’s Revenge
The French Connection
The Forgotten Treasure

Captivate Escape Rooms – STILL OPEN [overall review]
Black Out
Kellar’s Magic Emporium
Zero Hour

Encounter – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
The Apartment
The Hospital
The Cruise
The Boutique

Escape Hunt – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
Spy in the Study
– Blackmail in the Bedroom
– Bomb in the Cellar
The Secret Assignment
The Whitechapel Murderer
27 Club

Exit Plan – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
(Overall review is based on former rooms.)

Freeing SG (Bugis) – NOW CLOSED
Mission Incredible (Bugis+)
Painter’s Murder (Bugis+)

Freeing SG (Cathay) – NOW CLOSED
Alice in Wonderland (Cathay)
Funeral: The Mourning Widow (Cathay)
– Secrets of the Past: From Russia with Love (Cathay)
Ninja: The Secret Disciplines of the Shinobi (Cathay)
Spaceship: Galactic Survival (Cathay)
War: The Battle for Freedom (Cathay)

Freeing SG (Plaza Singapura) – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
Poseidon (Plaza Singapura)
White House (Plaza Singapura)
Twilight (Plaza Singapura)
Jurassic (Plaza Singapura)
Back to the Future (Plaza Singapura)
The Enchanted Wardrobe (Plaza Singapura)
Old Changi Hospital (Plaza Singapura)

Freeing SG – pop-up only
Rise to the Challenge: Biohazard

Living Legends – NOW CLOSED
Jeremiah’s Manor – STILL OPEN [overall review]
Bail Out
Haunted? (Suntec)
Top Secret
The Forgotten Temple
Circus of the Dead
Break-in (Part 1) (rebranded as End of the World – Break-in)
CSI: A Good Night to Die (murder mystery)


Phantom Joker Escape – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
– Mysterious Lab Lost in Time
– The Spooky Forest in the Inner World
– The Fallen Star in the Ancient Villa
The Conspiracy-Haunted Office
– Truth behind the Grinning Mask

Roomraider SG Orchard – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
Prison Break
S.W.A.T. Firestorm
Where’s Cuddles?
– Operation Neon Green
Dark Mansion

The Escape Artist (Bukit Timah) – NOW CLOSED
Quarantined – The Final Hour

The Escape Artist (Prinsep) – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
– The Institution
– Level 13.5
– Injustice
– After Dark
– CSI: Dismembered Body
The Forsaken Vault (Chapter 1)
The Forsaken Vault (Chapter 2)
The Forsaken Vault (Chapter 3)
Injustice: Liberation
The Beginning: After Dark 2
Dangerous Secrets
The Forsaken Vault Heroes

Trapped – STILL OPEN
World War 3 (Zombie Edition)

Szechuan Secret

Unravel – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
The Missing
The Betrayal
The Haunting
The Wish
The Ouija

– Whisper of The Dead (original version)
Chamber of Secrets (original version)
Vampire Diary
Upside Down
Tomb Raider
Resident Evil
Doraemon – A Dream Come True (rebranded as Mission X – The Love Confession)
Kungfu Panda X – The Return of Tai Lung
Shanghai 1943 (murder mystery RPG)

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