Review index


Captivate Escape Rooms [overall review]
Labyrinth: Dead Men Walking
Zero Hour
Black Out
Kellar’s Magic Emporium

Escape Hunt [overall review]
The Secret Assignment
The Whitechapel Murderer
27 Club

Freeing SG [overall review]
Poseidon (Plaza Singapura)
White House (Plaza Singapura)
Twilight (Plaza Singapura)
Jurassic (Plaza Singapura)
Back to the Future (Plaza Singapura)
The Enchanted Wardrobe (Plaza Singapura)
Old Changi Hospital (Plaza Singapura) [overall review]
VR Escape – Abandoned Mine (VR escape room)
Bearry Potter and the Secret Doors
– Bearcraft: Dream World
– Bears of Justice

LOST SG [overall review]

Roomraider SG POMO [overall review]
– The Crypt
– Trials X
– Mission Missile
– Codename: Invasion

The Escape Artist (Sentosa Gateway) [overall review]
Count Dracula
Last Light
Outpost X

Trapped [overall review]
Escape from Pulau Tekong
The Purge
The Mental Ward

Virtual Room Singapore
Omega Team: Chapter I *not technically an escape room
Chapter II *not technically an escape room

Xcape [overall review]
– Whisper of The Dead (original version)
Chamber of Secrets (original version)
Vampire Diary
Upside Down
Tomb Raider
Resident Evil
Doraemon – A Dream Come True (rebranded as Mission X – The Love Confession )
Kungfu Panda X – The Return of Tai Lung
The Morgue
Shanghai 1943 (murder mystery RPG)


BreakOut Games – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
The Scientist
Forever Young
Magician’s Secret
Trapped in My Own Mind [collab with Nomis Piy]
Magician’s Revenge
The French Connection
The Forgotten Treasure

Encounter – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
The Apartment
The Hospital
The Cruise
The Boutique

Escape Hunt – STILL OPEN [overall review]
Spy in the Study
– Blackmail in the Bedroom
– Bomb in the Cellar

Exit Plan – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
(Overall review is based on former rooms.)

Freeing SG (Bugis) – NOW CLOSED
Mission Incredible (Bugis+)
Painter’s Murder (Bugis+)

Freeing SG (Cathay) – NOW CLOSED
Alice in Wonderland (Cathay)
Funeral: The Mourning Widow (Cathay)
– Secrets of the Past: From Russia with Love (Cathay)
Ninja: The Secret Disciplines of the Shinobi (Cathay)
Spaceship: Galactic Survival (Cathay)
War: The Battle for Freedom (Cathay)

Freeing SG – pop-up only
Rise to the Challenge: Biohazard

Living Legends – NOW CLOSED
Jeremiah’s Manor – STILL OPEN [overall review]
Bail Out
Haunted? (Suntec)
Top Secret
The Forgotten Temple
Circus of the Dead
Break-in (Part 1) (rebranded as End of the World – Break-in)
CSI: A Good Night to Die (murder mystery)


Phantom Joker Escape – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
– Mysterious Lab Lost in Time
– The Spooky Forest in the Inner World
– The Fallen Star in the Ancient Villa
The Conspiracy-Haunted Office
– Truth behind the Grinning Mask

Roomraider SG Orchard – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
Prison Break
S.W.A.T. Firestorm
Where’s Cuddles?
– Operation Neon Green
Dark Mansion

The Escape Artist (Bukit Timah) – NOW CLOSED
Quarantined – The Final Hour

The Escape Artist (Prinsep) – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
– The Institution
– Level 13.5
– Injustice
– After Dark
– CSI: Dismembered Body
The Forsaken Vault (Chapter 1)
The Forsaken Vault (Chapter 2)
The Forsaken Vault (Chapter 3)
Injustice: Liberation
The Beginning: After Dark 2
Dangerous Secrets
The Forsaken Vault Heroes

Trapped – STILL OPEN
World War 3 (Zombie Edition)

Szechuan Secret

Unravel – NOW CLOSED [overall review]
The Missing
The Betrayal
The Haunting
The Wish
The Ouija


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