Recommended rooms

Feel free to contact me if you want some tailored recommendations based on team size, team experience, preferred room aspects, etc!

Best overall
Chamber of Secrets (original version) [Xcape]
The Apartment [Encounter]
Back to the Future [Freeing]

Not technically an escape room, but similar and highly recommended
Omega Team [Virtual Room]

Not escape rooms, but highly-recommended murder mysteries
CSI: A Good Night to Die [Lockdown]
Shanghai 1943 [Xcape]

All-round experiences
Castiglione [LOST SG]
Circus of the Dead [Lockdown]
Elixir [Captivate]
Flashpoint [The Escape Artist]
Last Light [The Escape Artist]
Cirque [Captivate]

Good for physical or multimedia aspects
Doraemon – A Dream Come True [Xcape] (rebranded as Mission X – The Love Confession)
Kungfu Panda X – The Return of Tai Lung [Xcape]
Alice in Wonderland [Freeing]
Resident Evil [Xcape]
Outpost X [The Escape Artist]
Whisper of the Dead (original version) [Xcape]
The Enchanted Wardrobe [Freeing]

Good for scares
The Morgue [Xcape]
Annabelle [Xcape]
The Apartment [Encounter]

Good for puzzles
The French Connection [BreakOut]
Top Secret [Lockdown]

Good for beginners – fun and logical
Doraemon – A Dream Come True [Xcape] (rebranded as Mission X – The Love Confession)
27 Club [Escape Hunt]
Black Out [Captivate]
The Forgotten Temple [Lockdown]
Zero Hour [Captivate]
Kellar’s Magic Emporium [Captivate]

Good for beginners – fun
Exodus [LOST SG]

Good for beginners – logical
The Secret Assignment [Escape Hunt]



  1. Hi, I enjoyed chamber of secret and resident evil too at Xcape. Another good one is also Kidnapped from lockdown for beginners. But as I like horror stuff more, I enjoyed Friday the 13th and Hunger Games at


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