Recommended rooms

Feel free to contact me if you want some tailored recommendations based on team size, team experience, preferred room aspects, etc!

Not technically an escape room, but similar and highly recommended
Omega Team [Virtual Room]
Chapter II [Virtual Room]

Not an escape room, but a highly-recommended murder mystery
Shanghai 1943 [Xcape]

All-round experiences
Chamber of Secrets (original version) [Xcape]
Back to the Future [Freeing]
Castiglione [LOST SG]
Elixir [Captivate]
Murder on the Singapore Express [Captivate]
Flashpoint [The Escape Artist]
Last Light [The Escape Artist]
Cirque [Captivate]

Good for physical or multimedia aspects
Doraemon – A Dream Come True [Xcape] (rebranded as Mission X – The Love Confession)
Kungfu Panda X – The Return of Tai Lung [Xcape]
Resident Evil [Xcape]
Outpost X [The Escape Artist]
Whisper of the Dead (original version) [Xcape]
The Enchanted Wardrobe [Freeing]
VR Escape – Abandoned Mine []
VR Escape – Illusion []

Good for scares
The Morgue [Xcape]
Annabelle [Xcape]

Good for beginners
Doraemon – A Dream Come True [Xcape] (rebranded as Mission X – The Love Confession)
27 Club [Escape Hunt]
Black Out [Captivate]
Zero Hour [Captivate]
Kellar’s Magic Emporium [Captivate]
Exodus [LOST SG]
The Secret Assignment [Escape Hunt]

If you like logic puzzles and don’t prioritise immersion
Bearry Potter and the Secret Doors []
Bearcraft: Dreamworld []
Bears of Justice []



  1. Hi, I enjoyed chamber of secret and resident evil too at Xcape. Another good one is also Kidnapped from lockdown for beginners. But as I like horror stuff more, I enjoyed Friday the 13th and Hunger Games at


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