coming soon: the RED DOT hunt!

If you enjoy escape room puzzles, but wish they were more interesting;
If you love the intense puzzles that some escape game events offer;
If you want more escape rooms to be like Trapped in My Own Mind;

Then check out the RED DOT hunt!

It’s a free¬†48-hour online puzzle hunt for teams of one to four players, happening from 10pm on Friday, September 29 till 10pm on Sunday, October 1.

There’s also a ūüĆü¬†prize¬†ūüĆü¬†for the first Singapore-based team to finish!

Registration’s open now.
Head over to reddothunt.sg to find out more!


Three years on

So this blog turned three on July 19, and while I didn’t have an update planned for then, I did play my 99th and 100th Singapore* escape rooms today¬†— reviews to come soon. This was after having gone for¬†S-capegoats‘ excellent NS-cape event, of which more over on escaped.sg (eventually).

After four years of escaping from rooms and three years of running this blog, I’m glad that the escape event scene continues to expand and improve, and that there are still new rooms here which I haven’t played (Freeing’s ongoing takeover of the former U Escape space; the fourth chapter of The Escape Artist’s Forsaken Vault room; an apparent upcoming Captivate (!) room). Though the industry has seen its share of casualties, here’s hoping that the escape scene in Singapore will stay very much alive.

*I’ve also played a further 26 overseas.

Another year of escaping.sg…

This blog has reached its second birthday! I’m glad there are still new rooms to play and enjoy and that the industry has continued to evolve, three years after I first played an escape room.

To mark this anniversary (okay, not really, it’s just coincidence), here’s a write-up of some rooms in Kuala Lumpur, which Singapore-based fans should definitely check out.

There might also be some thoughts on this year’s recently-concluded Singapore Puzzle Hunt over on escape.sg eventually. In the meantime, check out our updated hunt webpage (especially the puzzles) and join the SG Puzzlers Facebook group if you haven’t done so yet!

Singapore Puzzle Hunt 2016

The Singapore Puzzle Hunt is back for a second year! (And yes, I’m one of the organisers.)

Saturday, 16 July 2016
12pm – 6pm
Lifelong Learning Institute, Event Hall 1-1

If you enjoy escape room puzzles but wish they were more challenging and multi-layered, this is the event for you. Round up a team of four and get your tickets now!

For more information, check out our webpage at www.sgpuzzlehunt.com¬†— in particular, if¬†you’re new to puzzle hunts, our archive of last year’s puzzles will give you a good idea of what to expect (although this year’s puzzles have been calibrated to be more… manageable).

You can also follow us on Facebook for updates, teaser puzzles, and solving tips.

Join our MIT Mystery Hunt team!

Are escape rooms too easy for you? Do you want tougher challenges? The annual¬†MIT Mystery Hunt is coming up, and we’re looking for Singaporean puzzle-solvers to join our team. (It’s free, don’t worry.)

The hunt takes place over one weekend: from 1 am Singapore time on the night of Friday, January 15 (i.e. early on January 16) until around 7am on Monday morning.

If you have any time to spare that weekend, why not join us? We’ll probably do most of the solving online, but might meet up if there’s demand. Just get in touch over on the Singapore Puzzle Hunt FB group,¬†and we’ll add you to the team.

For examples of how puzzle hunts work, check out the¬†Singapore Puzzle Hunt — but be prepared for tougher puzzles.

a year of escaping.sg

The¬†first post on escaping.sg was made exactly a year ago, as it turns out. (And if anyone’s keeping track — well, okay, I am — the first escape room I played was on July 21, 2013, so it seems these anniversaries come close together.)

Sadly, I didn’t have any special plans to mark the occasion, so it’s business as usual — just look out for a new room review (Xcape’s Resident Evil, at last) in the coming week, and eventually¬†some reflections on the recent Singapore Puzzle Hunt over on escape.sg.

Speaking of which, the puzzles and solutions from that July 12 event are now online. Take a look, and perhaps you’ll be tempted to explore the world of puzzle hunts as well…

Please use the Contact form if you have specific questions about which rooms to try, how scary/difficult a particular room is, etc.

I’ve also noticed people searching for walkthroughs. I won’t give spoilers for rooms. However, if you failed to escape from a room, don’t want to try again, and the escape room company didn’t tell you the answers, drop me a line and we can chat about it.