Room review: Captivate: The Hitman

Their description: The wife of an international hitman is found dead. He cannot remember the day she was killed but he is certain he will remember the day he gets his revenge.

One of Captivate’s new rooms, The Hitman is a solid if not groundbreaking outing. There’s a sustained aesthetic reminiscent of spy movies, and the narrative is maintained all the way to the end (if not necessarily conveyed via each puzzle).

The puzzles themselves are tougher than the norm and largely fair, providing a good challenge for experienced groups — though one or two intuitive leaps may not sit well with everyone.

Perhaps what I appreciate the most about The Hitman are its flashes of in-narrative humour, which enliven the experience. Not a room that one should be dying to play, but still very much WORTH A TRY.

Puzzle difficulty: 4/5
Puzzle logic: 3.5/5
Multimedia aspect of puzzles: 3.5/5

Atmosphere and setting: 3/5
Exciting flourishes, use of technology or physical aspects: 3/5
Storyline integration: 3/5

Their suggested number of players: 2 to 5
My suggested number of players: 2 to 4

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