Room review: Xcape: Azkaban

Note: Bugis Village (which houses Xcape’s entire empire of rooms) is slated for redevelopment, with existing tenants able to stay until March 2021. It’s not clear how or when this might affect Xcape — I’d suggest playing their rooms ASAP!

Their description: The imprisoned evil demon known as “Death Prophet” has entered the magical school and stole one of the Divine Artifacts, “The Holy Grail” from Headmaster’s room. If Death Prophet succeeds in gathering all the Divine Artifacts, it will revive and cause great calamity to the world. You and fellow wizards would travel from the Room of Requirement into the magical prison known as Azkaban to retrieve “The Holy Grail”. Ready for a magical adventure?

If you’ve missed the real-world nature of non-virtual escape rooms, Xcape’s Azkaban room will certainly scratch that itch, with magical flourishes and quite a bit of space to explore. These physical aspects are possibly the strongest part of this 75-minute room, which may not earn its runtime on the puzzle front (if you’re fairly good at solving puzzles).

Not that the puzzles are bad. They’re varied and generally logical, though one mid-room move might not seem like the most intuitive. It’s just that Azkaban isn’t the sort of room you play for its puzzles — it’s better enjoyed as an adventure. The setting’s production values are good; there are cool moments; the narrative is sustained throughout, and conveyed through more means than just text.

Azkaban is RECOMMENDED as a magical experience for newer teams or Harry Potter fans, and still solidly WORTH A TRY for veteran teams, though it may not challenge your jadedness too much.

Precautions have been taken against Covid-19, including pre- and post-game sanitising, and the provision of disposable gloves. Face masks have to be worn throughout.

Puzzle difficulty: 3.5/5
Puzzle logic: 4/5
Multimedia aspect of puzzles: 3/5

Atmosphere and setting: 4/5
Exciting flourishes, use of technology or physical aspects: 4/5
Storyline integration: 3.5/5

Their suggested number of players: 4 to 6
My suggested number of players: 3 to 5

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