Remote play makes its way to Singapore

Another Singapore escape room company is experimenting with digital formats! This time it’s The Escape Artist, who are offering remote playthroughs of their physical Count Dracula room, with a “friendly, innocent” live avatar in the room to whom you can give instructions via Zoom.

As the least physically demanding of TEA’s four rooms, Count Dracula is a good pick for the online format. Here’s my review of the physical room — it’s just a shame that I won’t be able to check out their online inventory system.

TEA is offering limited timeslots with an intro price of S$40 per group for the coming weekend, with the price set to rise to S$65 per group after that. If you haven’t played this room yet and would like to support a local company — not least so you can play their physical rooms in the future — then consider giving it a try!

update, Jun 23: Looks like TEA is indeed keeping up with this. Timeslots for the next weekend (Jun 27 and 28) have also opened up. It could be worth following them on Peatix for future updates.


  1. I played this!

    The room itself matches your review quite well, though there’s a particular part that… didn’t make sense to me in the remote experience, maybe I’ll ask you privately how it works IRL.

    The inventory management system was novel and rather unique and I actually quite liked it. It used Zoom side-by-side presentation mode (most remote play uses a separate web site). This had the advantage that it was all coupled in the same window. It had the disadvantage that you couldn’t interact with it, and they made up for that by just making sure to show you what you needed at any given time, which was actually rather nice.


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