Month: September 2018

Room review: Virtual Room: Chapter II

Their description: Earth has once again been threatened! Only a few sources of energy capable of combating this plague have been spotted in different periods of time: you have 45 minutes to find them before it is too late!

After enjoying Virtual Room Singapore’s first adventure, we went back to play their recently-launched second game — which turned out to be even cooler and more expansive.

There are five (!) different environments to explore, up from three in the first room, and there’s some movement around within each environment too. What I enjoyed the most, though, was the use of environmental physics in certain non-standard environments. Like the low-gravity stage in the first game, these non-standard environments allow for effects that simply aren’t possible in a traditional non-virtual game.

The puzzling aspect and difficulty have also been ramped up. In the first game, you tended to be doing similar tasks to your teammates; in this sequel, team members are more often in unique situations. Each individual player has more to do in terms of figuring out what they — specifically — need to do. Some of the intuitive leaps required are greater or more complex, and hence more satisfying, while still remaining completely fair.

There’s also a great conclusion to this chapter, which ties together the whole adventure. To say more would be to reveal spoilers, so I’ll just say that… there is more to say.

The only aspect in which the second game loses out to the first, in my opinion, is that there’s a bit less in terms of interesting haptic feedback, due to the different range of tasks. This very minor complaint is possible only because I really enjoyed the haptic feedback of the first game — so in conclusion, make sure you play both games!

As Singapore’s escape room scene continues shrinking with the closure of former companies and branches, Virtual Room Singapore deserves the attention of escape room enthusiasts all the more. While there’s no escaping the heftier price tag, the experience — unique, high-quality, and simply really fun — is worth it. Play the original mission first, then be sure to try the sequel. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Game difficulty: 3.5/5
Game logic: 4/5
Gameplay variation: 4/5

Atmosphere and setting: 4.5/5
Exciting moments, effective use of VR: 4.5/5
Storyline integration: 4/5

Their suggested number of players: 2 to 4
My suggested number of players: 3 to 4