Room review: CSI: A Good Night to Die

This review is left here merely as a record.

Their description: A suicide has occurred in the premises of a hotel. The police suspects that there is more to the death than meets the eye, but they are unable to solve it and the suspects will be released soon. You have been invited to help the police solve this mystery and find more evidence that the initial investigation may have missed. Will you be able to solve the mystery before the murderer goes scot free?

This is not a normal escape game, but a real life CLUEDO game brought to you exclusively by the Lockdown team. If you like investigating murder mysteries, come together with your friends and families to experience the new breakthrough in escape games!

As stated, this is very much not a normal escape game. I’d say it’s not an escape game at all, but a murder mystery — and that’s why it is absolutely worth playing.

While the escape room market in Singapore is pretty developed, there are few murder mystery options. Some companies have organised one-off events, but (apart from a notable exception) these are often large-scale affairs that don’t really give you a good sense of cracking a case.

With CSI: A Good Night to Die, you get the room and the investigation entirely to yourself. Even better, it’s a cleverly interactive game, in which you take pictures of evidence and send them to be analysed. The hotel room setting is also convincing, increasing the sense of immersion even further.

In fact, comparing this game to real-life Cluedo is selling it short. Unlike Cluedo’s rather boring method-of-elimination process, this game contains a substantial plot that unfolds throughout the investigation. You’ll have to juggle motives, alibis, and evidence to not only deduce the culprit, but get a full picture of the story behind this crime scene.

Speaking of which, I consider this the closest easily-available experience to that excellent Korean gameshow Crime Scene, which is high praise (as anyone who’s watched the show will know). [edit, September 2017: this is no longer the case, as Singapore now has a room that is directly modelled upon Crime Scene – Xcape’s Shanghai 1943, which is therefore the closest experience to said awesome show]

You do pay for this, quite literally. The experience can’t be booked via Lockdown’s normal booking engine; instead, you’ll have to contact them about a booking, and be prepared to pay rather more than you would for a normal escape room. But as I said, this isn’t a normal escape room, and the degree of interactivity helps justify the price.

I can’t really rate this on my usual rubric, so I’ve tweaked the criteria below. Suffice it to say that the room is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED — or indeed, unmissable — if you’ve ever wanted to solve a mystery. And who hasn’t wanted to do so, seriously?

Case difficulty: 3.5/5
Case logic: 4.5/5
Multimedia aspect of investigation: 4/5

Atmosphere and setting: 4/5
Exciting flourishes, use of technology or physical aspects: 4.5/5
Storyline integration: 5/5

Their suggested number of players: 3 to 8
My suggested number of players: 3 to 6



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