Room review: Encounter: The Cruise

This review is left here merely as a record.

Their description: You are having vacation on a cruise. You felt a strong vibration followed by an emergency announcement. You rushed to the upper deck trying to find out more and entered a first class cabin which was left open to explore.

Will you be able to make it out before the cruise sink?

The Cruise takes Encounter’s usual strengths of atmosphere and setting, and applies them to a theme that’s markedly different from their other offerings. This makes for an experience that’s up to their high standards of immersion, yet very refreshing. As a bonus, this is also Encounter’s only 100% non-creepy room.

The use of ambient noise for the setting is great, but what really reinforces the immersion is how most of the puzzles are incorporated seamlessly into the premise and narrative. There are also some great hands-on moments that aren’t just simple matters of executing tasks. And as the room proceeds, there’s a great sense of adventure.

The only real weak point is the very last puzzle, which comes as a bit of an anticlimax after everything else. There’s also a puzzle midway through which requires a tiny leap of faith in the correctness of one’s answer, something I’m not usually fond of (I like solutions which you can be really certain of, once you arrive at them). But I’d say the rest of the room experience more than makes up for it.

I also have to commend Encounter for their dedication to not breaking character, which made for a great moment in this room, haha. Board The Cruise, and your team might realise what I mean. RECOMMENDED as an overall high-quality, fun experience. Unfortunately, this is not a room for players with mobility issues.

Puzzle difficulty: 3.5/5
Puzzle logic: 4/5
Multimedia aspect of puzzles: 4/5

Atmosphere and setting: 5/5
Exciting flourishes, use of technology or physical aspects: 4/5
Storyline integration: 4.5/5

Their suggested number of players: 2 to 8
My suggested number of players: 3 to 5

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