Room review: Captivate: Labyrinth: Dead Men Walking

Their description: Death row inmates are disappearing from the prison morgue after their execution. You are hired to go undercover as an inmate at the jail to try to discover why. But someone found out that you are investigating the prison and has scheduled your execution for one hour from now. Can you unravel the mystery of the disappearing bodies and escape from the jail as the clock counts down to the time of your execution?

Labyrinth: Dead Men Walking was a bit of a mixed bag. I think the negative feelings I have about this room can be summarised like so: the way that puzzles and puzzle-solving interfaces are presented will shape the expectations that players have about how to solve them, and if the solution doesn’t fit those expectations, then that’s unfair.

This mismatch of signal and solution happens at least three times in Labyrinth: Dead Men Walking: once at the start, and twice in the busiest section of the room. It meant that our attention was completely misdirected at the start, to the extent that we had to ask for help.

In the middle section of the room, it meant that we disregarded two correct answers that we had already found, and were thus stuck for quite some while. My general policy is to avoid spoilers, but here I think I would be neglecting my duty as a reviewer if I didn’t say this: don’t assume that a lock with x spaces means that the solution is x units long.

With that out of the way, I should say that Labyrinth: Dead Men Walking is still a decent room. There are some fun physical touches, and some great elements of the setting, particularly in the first half.

Some puzzles are weak, but many are fresh, and some are really quite clever. And there’s at least a spirited attempt at reminding players about the storyline… though I personally didn’t think it really succeeded, alas.

WORTH A TRY for both beginners and experienced teams. Just try not to be misled.

Puzzle difficulty: 3/5
Puzzle logic: 3.5/5
Multimedia aspect of puzzles: 2.5/5

Atmosphere and setting: 3/5
Exciting flourishes, use of technology or physical aspects: 3.5/5
Storyline integration: 2.5/5

Their suggested number of players: 2 to 10
My suggested number of players: 4 to 6


    1. Hello! I hadn’t realised that their Alien vs Human room was already open, I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. Thanks for the heads-up though, I’ll be sure to review it when I get the time…


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