Overall review: LOST SG

LOST SG seems to pride itself on its use of technology, and that’s certainly one big selling point. Its rooms are full of fun mechanisms and triggers. Some of them are genuinely part of a puzzle; others liven up what could otherwise just have been the standard box-with-a-number-lock method of hiding the next clue.

It’s not just all style and no substance, though. The puzzles themselves are fairly solid and sometimes imaginative, with a good mix of puzzle types in each room. There’s the odd red herring, but so far, this hasn’t seemed unfair.

There’s also a short video you’ll have to watch for each room before you try it, which is a nice effort on their part (even if it doesn’t necessarily add much!).

Though each room tends to have one or two annoying flaws, LOST SG is a great addition to Singapore’s busy escape room scene. RECOMMENDED as a good all-round escape room company: fun tech, solid puzzles, decently atmospheric rooms, and friendly staff. It’s just a shame about their policy of combining smaller groups.

Staff: Generally friendly and not overly strict, and happy to talk about other groups’ experiences with the room you’ve tried.

Hints: Three (?) hints, obtained via intercom. Staff seem generally cautious about revealing too much unless you ask for it, which is good.

Will your group be combined with strangers? Yes, unless you book the room for at least 7 players.

Rooms tried: 5 out of 5 current rooms; 1 older room

Recommended team size: 3 to 5

Specific room reviews

Current rooms

Former rooms


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