Overall review: Phantom Joker Escape

This review is left here merely as a record.

Two of the rooms in Phantom Joker Escape must surely rank among Singapore’s best escape rooms: room 1 (Mysterious Lab) and 2b (Ancient Villa).

Both rooms are very immersive, thanks to the original and interesting ways in which you’ll have to solve several puzzles, and exciting special effects/use of technology. There are strong ‘multimedia’ and interactive aspects to the puzzles — you won’t just get the usual combination or key locks here. The puzzles are also logical rather than arbitrary, and integrated with the storylines and decoration of the room.

Unfortunately, room 2a and their special seven-star-difficulty room aren’t at the same level. Room 2a is a decent experience and worth playing, but not outstanding. The seven-star room requires more logical leaps, and has a potentially disappointing endgame — I would only recommend it to escape room veterans who want to test themselves, not a casual team looking for fun.

Their prequel room, meanwhile, lacks the technical flourishes of their best rooms but has some of the most rigorous and satisfying puzzles. It’s definitely worth a try; just don’t expect any special effects.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for beginners and experienced players alike.

Staff: Friendly and welcoming. The pleasant lounge area is worth mentioning, too.

Hints: Unlimited hints via walkie-talkie, which is a little trickier than the usual intercom phone, but doesn’t generally pose a problem. Staff make sure to give hints and let you work it out by yourself, rather than revealing the answer.

Will your group be combined with strangers? No.

Rooms tried: 5 out of 5

Recommended team size: 4 people (if experienced)

Specific room reviews

Mysterious Lab Lost in Time
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The Conspiracy-Haunted Office
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Phantom Joker Escape


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