Overall review: Escape Hunt

Escape Hunt has reinvented itself with new rooms which deliver a more well-rounded experience compared to their original three. I wouldn’t class the new rooms as unmissable, though, so it does ultimately come down to how much you’re willing to pay.

First, the obvious point: this is the most expensive escape room outfit in town if you’re playing in groups of fewer than five people. It’s $28 per person for a group of five or six, which is the most expensive rate you’d find at other companies. And it only goes up from there, to as much as $38 if you’re trying the room as a pair. It doesn’t help that Escape Hunt’s rooms don’t even require that many players; the rooms can reasonably be completed by a pair, and comfortably so by three or four players.

One advantage of Escape Hunt’s old rooms were their extremely logical, beginner-friendly, perhaps even “over-clued” puzzles. The three new rooms don’t necessarily live up to that, with some leaps of logic required. Nonetheless, the puzzles aren’t illogical by any measure, and compare favourably to the rest of the industry.

The new rooms have also (finally!) caught up with the rest of the industry, with some fun uses of technology. Each room contains at least one flourish that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and there’s a much more sustained attempt at keeping a storyline going.

Can smaller teams have a better time elsewhere, for a lower price? Certainly. But if money isn’t an issue, Escape Hunt’s new rooms are logical, fun, and even occasionally surprising, making them solidly WORTH A TRY for beginners and experienced players alike.

Staff: Attentive. Their policy used to be to drop into the room every fifteen minutes or so (not sure if that’s still the case), but you can request not to be visited. You also get to enjoy complimentary Twinings tea and biscuits afterwards, which is nice.

Hints: Staff may give hints when they drop by to check. They don’t reveal the answers directly, which is good. Hints can also be asked for using the door bell, and staff are quick to respond.

Will your group be combined with strangers? No. However, you have to confirm the number of people at the point of making the booking — something which some other escape companies are not that strict about.

Rooms tried: 3 out of 3 current rooms; 3 out of 3 older rooms

Recommended team size: 3 to 4 people

Specific room reviews

Current rooms
The Secret Assignment
The Whitechapel Murderer
27 Club

Former rooms
Spy in the Study
Blackmail in the Bedroom
Bomb in the Cellar

Escape Hunt Singapore

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